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6 Tips On How To Get Custom Embroidery Digitizing Services On Denim

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Custom Embroidery Digitizing Services

Denim is a great fabric and is equally loved by individuals of all age groups. It is incredibly durable, easy to stretch, and gives you a charismatic look. It is suitable for all types of embroidery and appliqué designs. Denim jackets, skirts, jeans, and shirts can be easily embroidered with machine embroidery tools. Probably, you have seen everything embroidered on denim. From classic 60s designs to modern 3D designs, everything seems trendy on denim. I am a big fan of wildflowers, butterflies, and favorite characters on denim. Of course, you can choose wild animals, signs, symbols, flames, and many other options for embroidery digitization.

Always contact the best digitizing company for embroidery digitization on denim jackets, shirts, skirts, or jeans. Here are some tips to get the best embroidery digitizing results on denim.

1# Preparing Denim For Embroidery Digitizing:

The foremost thing you have to analyze is to prepare denim for embroidery digitizing. As everyone knows that denim shrinks after the first wash, so buy some extra pounds of fabric for appliqué digitizing.

2# Choose The Best Stabilizer:

The best digitizing company knows which stabilizer is perfect for embroidery digitization of denim. Leave this job to experts. Generally, a fusible poly mesh stabilizer is more flexible than a standard cut-away stabilizer.

3# Choose Appropriate Needle For Stitches:

Choosing appropriate needles for embroidery digitization is a technical issue. If you are going for embroidery digitization on lightweight denim, you can choose a 75/11 needle for stitching. In the case of tough denim fabric, 90/11 titanium embroidery needles are recommended.

4# Start From Accurate Position:

When you are starting embroidery digitizing on denim, always start from the center and then move towards corners. It helps to remove slits and extra fabric during the process of embroidery digitization. Getting custom digitizing services instantly improves the chances of accurate stitching by choosing the right parameters.

5# Machine Embroidery Over Hole:

Having holes on denim is way too normal. A key reason to choose machine embroidery for denim is to cover holes. You can add beautiful embroidery patterns to cover holes. You can choose the same colors or contrasting colors for machine embroidery on denim holes.

6# Select The Best Thread Color & Material:

Generally, machine embroidery thread is thinner than sewing thread. It must have an attractive finish, excellent tensile strength, and durability to create beautiful embroider designs on denim. Usually, rayon and polyester threads are the best suitable for denim embroidery.

The Bottom Line:

There are a lot of embroidery digitizing platforms that offer custom embroidery digitizing services at very affordable rates. The experienced embroiders stick to consistency, quality, and durability. Impact Digitizing is one of the leading brands that accept online digitization orders on all types of fabrics. Our manufacturing unit has the best software and embroidery tools to get high-quality embroidery digitization services. Go beyond imagination and turn your desired design into reality. Share your desired logo, symbol, pattern, or design with us to get customized embroidery digitizing services.